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New Procedure for Kidney Transplant
New Procedure for Kidney Transplant
Surgery that is successful and leaves no scars is the main aim of today's inventive surgeons which is the reason why they are looking into new ways of entering the body to diagnose diseases or extract organs. Pioneering research in this field has shown the navel to be a safe, single –access route to extract kidneys.
The new surgical procedure known as 'the single-port transumblical nephrectomy' now allows doctors to remove the kidney from the donor through a single incision in the navel. The operation involves a 6 cm periumblical incision and inserting a tube-like port into the belly of the patient.  With the help of surgical tools and camera inserted through the incision, the kidney is freed from connecting tissue and extracted via an endoscopic retrieval bag.    After the extraction of the organ, the incision is closed with absorbable stitches and dressed with skin tapes. A few months after the surgery the scars are almost invisible.
Besides easing the surgeon's job, this minimum invasive technique is highly beneficial to the donor as it reduces the trauma of the surgical procedure. The kidney is extracted from a single small incision in the folds of the navel of the patient, making the surgery less painful. Moreover, the procedure involves less recovery time as compared to a traditional laparoscopic surgery and leaves almost no scars. The donor can get back to his work and routine schedule within a week of the procedure. Another positive aspect of this procedure is that the patient is on painkillers only for a period of 4 to 5 days as compared to the 26 days of medication required for a standard laparoscopic surgery. 
The procedure being technically demanding, only surgeons with advanced laparoscopic skills perform it at reputed medical centres. A kidney transplant improves the quality of life of the patient and works out much cheaper than dialysis.  Concerns of post-surgical pains and excessive recovery time or loss of work very often prevent people from donating kidneys. With this kind of minimal invasive surgery however, eligible donors may be more forthcoming to help out patients suffering from kidney failure.  The recipients are more open to the idea of a living kidney donation through this process as they are reassured that the donor need not be burdened more than necessary and that he or she can go back to their work routine within a week. Thus, the single-port transumblical nephrectomy is a procedure that is advantageous to all concerned.
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