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It is the responsibility of any individual hemodialysis patient who wants to travel out of the area and miss a hemodialysis treatment at the dialysis center to arrange for hemodialysis treatments with a center in the area you are visiting. If you are considering a vacation and require hemodialysis elsewhere, it is best to begin planning at least two months in advance.

Ask your nephrologists if you are medically stable to travel.

Check with your insurance carrier(s) to make sure they will cover your dialysis treatments. There can be problems with HMO’s for traveling outside of the area and outside of the country.
Medicaid does not allow traveling from state to state.
Ask your social worker for a listing of the dialysis centers closet to the area you will be visiting.

Call the Dialysis Center closest to where you will be staying and speak to the social worker about space availability. Relatives or friends in the area can assist by contacting these centers for you. If you can be accommodated, make tentative reservations.

Request the social work at the visiting center to fax the application material to your Social Worker or Primary Nurse.

Ask what information is required at the dialysis center. Dialysis centers usually require reports such as: medical summaries, recent chest x-ray, EKG, lab reports, current medications, PPD and sometimes HIV status.

Your primary nurse will advise you if you need any medical tests prior to traveling. You might need to update your chest x-ray, EKG or PPD.

Inform your primary nurse of your vacation schedule including the dialysis center you will be dialyzing at while away, in case of any change is needed before you leave or on your return.

Also, give your primary nurse in writing the address and telephone number of the residence/hotel where you will be staying during your vacation so that you can be reached, should a need arise.

Your primary nurse/social worker will send all the required information to the visiting unit. If you do not receive a confirmation from the unit you want to visit, you should contact them to confirm the reservation after they have received your medical information.

All arrangements are your responsibility, but if you have problems, contact your social worker for assistance.

Be sure your primary nurse knows what your treatment schedule is while you are traveling, especially the first and last treatments.

If you leave the center to go on an extended vacations (greater than 28 days or 4 weeks), there is no guarantee that your present scheduled dialysis time will be available upon your return to the center. There will be a time slot available, and you may need to go on a waiting list for your preferred time.

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