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You can ensure a safer experience with your health care by being involved and informed about your treatment. Improving safety requires continuous learning and constant communication between caregivers, organizations and patients. Everyone has a role in patient safety, and everyone will benefit from its successes.

What is Patient Safety?
Patient safety is freedom from accidental injury. Ensuring patient safety involves establishing operational systems and processes that minimize the likelihood of an injury or error and maximizes the likelihood of intercepting them when they occur.

A patient is more than just their symptoms and a medical person is more than just their skills and knowledge. The medical relationship consists of an interaction of patients and medical professional working together as a team. Systems should be designed to meet the needs of staff and patients.

Patient safety is a collaborative goal for both patients and care givers. It is everyone’s responsibility to identify potential problems and prevent them from happening. There are safety areas of concern in the dialysis center which we all need to understand. They have been identified as:

potential blood loss patient assessments patient falls
vascular access-related events medication errors infection control issues

We all need to be vigilant to make sure our dialysis unit is a safe place to be. We need to develop a “culture of safety”, where safe practices are a priority and reporting of adverse events and “near misses” is encouraged to identify faulty systems or processes and reduce the chance of injury or errors.


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