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CME symposium - Health Care in the 21st Century
June 29th, 2012
On June 29th, at the Sheraton Rariton Hotel in Edison, NJ, ADMS doctors Jodumutt G. Bhat and Premila Bhat directed the CME symposium “Health Care in the 21st Century”. Sponsored by Konkani Sammelan 2012 and organized by Atlantic Dialysis Management Services, LLC, the symposium was created to help current and incoming physicians survive and thrive in a constantly changing medical environment.
In front of a full house, guest speakers such as the current Health Commissioner of New York, Nirav R. Shah and the former Health Commissioner of New Jersey, Poonam Alaigh, enthralled the audience with their presentations. Topics discussed ranged from building a better health care ecosystem to making sure medical students received help in understanding the economics of health care. Other speakers such as lawyers Betsy Malik and Lawrence Kobak delved into how malpractice and corporate compliance is and will affect practices across the United States. Rounding out the speakers were Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education Services and Indira Amladi, Managing Member of Princeton Ivy Management. With extensive backgrounds in business, Mr. Pai and Mrs. Amladi helped attendees grasp the idea of creating wealth and expanding ones earning potential to outside the exam room. 
As the symposium came to a close that afternoon, many of the attendees marveled at the amount of pertinent information that had been given. One attendee stated that “I never knew just how much more went into being a doctor. I know the medicine but no one ever prepared me for the business side of things. I wish they had taught us in school some of the things we’ve learned today.”
This is exactly what Director Jodumutt G. Bhat wanted to hear: “With every event that ADMS is a part of, we hope to leave our attendees with something truly significant.  Judging from the response of the crowd, I believe we have accomplished that once again.
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