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Dr. Bhat named “King of Queens”

On September 26th, Queens County nephrologist, Atlantic Dialysis co-founder and medical director Dr. Jodumutt Ganesh Bhat was honored by the Queens Courier Newspaper at its 6th annual “King of Queens” business breakfast. 

The King of Queens Award given to Dr. Bhat recognizes and honors those leaders of Queens County business, who through their strides, have made a significant difference in the community they are involved in. 
In the past years, honorees have included individuals such as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYS School Chancellor Joel Klein.

Throughout his many years involved in dialysis, Dr. Bhat is known industry wide as the voice of the “independent dialysis operator.”   His theories, business practices and leadership skills have been replicated many times over by other individuals and companies, both large and small.  His ability to resuscitate failing businesses and dialysis centers that were near collapse has also garnered him positive attention from federal, state and local agencies as well as the admiration of those he treats. We here at ADMS are proud to have him as one of our co-principals. The King of Queens award he received was just a confirmation of what we have known for several years.
Congratulations Dr. Bhat!!

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