Transplant Process

Are Patients Open to Transplants?

Every patient can explore the transplant process and see if they are eligable, but not everyone is a viable candidate. There are a multidude of reasons why someone might not be fit for a transplant as follows:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • History of strokes
  • Continuous infections

What is the Evaluation Process Like?

A patient usually goes through a 3 month-long evaluation process with the transplant evaluation office. This process typically involves various medical evaluations and paperwork. Even if you have a donor, you still have to go through this process and meet the necessary criteria.

What Happens if you are Approved?

Once you get approved as a viable transplant candidate you must wait to be contacted by the transplant facility. There is a 24 hour window to accept the transplant. After the surgery is complete there is usually a 2-3 day recovery period and the transplant facility will follow up with the patient for the first three months after the procedure.

Other Transplant Related Information

The effectiveness of a kidney transplant depends on a number of factors. Organ rejection can occur, but with new medication these are becoming less likely.

Living Donor

A living donor transplant is a procedure in which a kidney is surgically removed from a healthy donor and given to patient with kidney failure.

Deceased Donor

A deceased-donor transplant is a kidney transplant from someone who has recently died and their kideny is removed placed in a recipient with kidney failure.

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Consult with your transplant facility and nephrologist to see what options and choices are best for you.